How natural sea fishing catch grouper?

Every year in April begin until September (Towers before) put a grouper fish fishing flood, China’s eastern, south coast fisherman boat will carry out its fishing operations, especially from May to July. Fishermen are “beginning of summer catfish * rock full of fish,” he said.

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Grouper fishing tackle and fishing sub-single door two double doors. Early flood, grouper usually in deep water activities, fishing with single door. Flood in the late double door catch. To choose the slow flowing water, wind light and calm, with rocks broken white spray disc areas or small currents swirl to fresh food, such as loach, small anchovy, Palaemon (two eyes complete) as bait. Loach as bait, use sharp hooks to penetrate the fish mouth; with anchovies for bait, hooks sharp fish should be hooked into the left side of the handle on the right to wear clothing. And live shrimp from the shrimp should penetrate the tail and belly piercing, show two eyes Chak, favorable trapping. In starting the hook, the fish should be especially careful when you pick prevent Liezui, broken brain damage, esophagus and gallbladder. Damage by fish, light a few days, it will die within a few hours severe. Fish on the hook flowing water into the cabin holding, to be a certain amount of fortune back to centralized breeding cages.

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