Mullet fishing techniques

Mullet, also known as blackfish, raw fish, snakehead fish, only fish, is Perciformes, snakehead. In China, the snakehead fish two genera: genus Channa Channa spp. There are seven kinds argus (and Heilongjiang subspecies), maculata, armor snakehead, Channa eye, point snakehead, Channa, Channa and other patterns within the genus Channa; Channa Channa only one genus. As the object is currently farmed argus and Channa maculata.

Mullet benthic fish, usually live in the bottom, then drill into the mud after being frightened hide, therefore extremely difficult to capture. However, in natural waters during the spawning mullet, because there broodstock Abuse habit, this time to capture more convenient. Just handheld harpoon fish in the vicinity of the nest and wait patiently to be found quickly broodstock will fork inserted under their capture. Or in the general good coat hook fishing rod fish, shrimp, or frog bait fish nest fed from the upper water, protect the nest this time broodstock mistaken predators approaching, will rise up to attack, swallow the bait hit the bait.

Catch mullet in ponds, in addition to using pull-net fishing, but also according to their hi flow characteristics, the method of capture water impact. That pumps water from the water level drops below ponds ditches within the pond pumping into the ponds to mention, in the vicinity of the pump outlet to open a canal to let the water back into place. When the water is pumped into ponds, mullet will continue to swim to the water pump near the outlet, and then will travel down the water flow automatically into the drains. Set network at one end of the canal, you can catch mullet. But need to capture all the mullet ponds within ponds should be drained, try to catch silt, weeds in the mullet. Pond weeds and caves, also live at the mullet, do not miss the capture. If harvesting time since late winter, mullet often dormant in the mud, do not easily catch, until the next spring temperatures can reach 15-20 ℃, renewed fishing is appropriate. However, when fish pond, the pool should never again leave mullet, mullet avoid direct harm to individual large seed served.

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