Crab Pot Fishing Technology

 Crab Pot is a low power, less labor, catch the high price does not damage the ecological environment of fishing gear and methods, it is not tonnage, power restrictions, all kinds of fishing crab cage are available as a main or side engage in fishing production, Because of its main crab class, catch selectivity, in favor of offshore fishery resources, structural adjustment and the rational use of population, development and the protection of fish resources and fishing crab cage because of less investment, quick, effective, simple fishing operation easy to learn, and loved by the masses. Now the Crab Pot fishing techniques are summarized below:

First, cages specifications

1. Crab cage frame: cages of steel frame cage, cylindrical, diameter 60cm, height 24cm. Iron circles two by two 12mm diameter round bar bent, then at the welding firm, then cut into round 8mm diameter 6 length of 24cm and two 61cm round of short length. The two round 61cm in diameter are welded positions of the two circles, as a cross-dyed; the six round 24.5cm set by two welded evenly between the two circles, as the column.

2. Crab cage housing network: with mesh 3cm, length 100 mesh, mesh width 34 a purpose, wide-brimmed sewn into a tubular shape around. The string on one end of the cylinder and closed strings mesh cage, and then sets out the cage frame, catchy tube network also collapsed string to string. On the tube network, to be placed under the collapsed mouth on the beam at the center of the lower mold, the bottom rope Shoulong and beams should fasten the top rope for the active Shoulong, feel free to release the bait placed according to need, pour catches and finishing fishing gear.

3. The funnel-shaped entrance: a circular crab cage with three funnel entrance into the cage crab channel, which is characterized not only into the mouth crab. Its assembly directly affects fishing results. Crab cage side six sash in every cell in two columns in the middle transverse cut 16 mesh netting to install funnel entrance, with three 2.5cm long mesh 50 mesh, mesh width 14.5 purpose, The patchwork of each mesh broadside into an oval track imports, end Chengbian oval, the one end of each tube network were cut around the seam on the frame, the time around the seam to note: from the upper and lower side The second entry from the wound, both sides will have to close the net around the seam upright. 50 mesh tube, the top and bottom of each around 15 projects, 10 projects around the left and right side of each. The repacked tube network to cage it would upset a large mouth, small mouth in three funnel entrance, netting a certain flexibility, lateral cut the netting lining the outer funnel installed, make tube network in the end collapsed into the oblate natural port, the entrance is wider, more inside the narrow, crab bait to lure in easily into the cage to escape difficult.

4. Gang Cable:

(1) Route: pe42tex / 200 × 3 left twist, length 1020.5m, the number eight.

(2) Extension: pe42tex / 120 × 3 left twist, length 5m, number 400.

(3) Department of cage wire: pe42tex / 120 × 3 left twist, length 1m, number 400.

5. Attachments:

(1) Buoy: a hard plastic or foam into pieces, and then tie a knot in the flags of bamboo, generally eight.

(2) Shen stone: rock, heavy 4kg-6kg, generally eight.

Second, the gear assembly

1. The Department of knots tied to a cage cage rim, the middle branch of the connection end and the other end connected to the branch lines, spacing 20m.

2. Each branch knot a cage, that each main junction 50 cages. In the trunk knot at each end a buoy and a heavy stone, constitute a group cages. Each operating unit is generally 8 group cages, trunk 8164m, the total number of 400 cages.

Third, the food choice

For cage trapping operations, the food will have a direct impact on their catch results. According to the feeding habits of the crab bait to smell large, fleshy hard, good gloss, with fresh fish better. After testing, the rudder bonito led abalone second. The main reason is the smell of crab eating large, good gloss organism, and rudder bonito and other salt products smell great, and can maintain greater dissemination of time, easily lured into the cage crab. Each rudder bonito cut into sections, a little salt, after 1-2 hours fleshy hard as well, on the cage rate.

Fourth, Fishing

Wooden boat, engine power is 18kw-35kw (24hp-48hp), truck 10t-15t, boat manpower 3-4 people, equipped with a special 4.4kw (6hp) diesel engine driven cutter Gang machine.

Five fishing method

Fishing boats arrived fisheries, in cross-flow mode put cage fishing, the order is the first buoy, buoy rope, heavy stone, trunk, branch, cage, trunk, branch, cage, so the cycle repeated, discharged 50 cages, and then put heavy stone, buoy ropes, buoys, and so forth, all 8 groups put cages, 1-2 hours after the first group to impose a way of receiving while the line picked up the buoy, twisted rope from the buoy, heavy stone, trunk , branch, cage, pour catch after catch to a second set of charges, until closing completely portion cage catch.

Sixth, the Crab Pot job benefits

Crab Pot fishing boats use technology to obtain a significant yield added value, such as electric white No. 31050 1999 35 kilowatts application crab cage fishing operations, production 9.5t, output value of 40,000 yuan, respectively, compared with a gill net fishing crab fishing vessels increased 47.1% and 55.81%, according to statistics, the average annual fishing boats use the technology to increase crab production 2.2t, increasing the value of 210 million yuan, a Shuili more than 11,000 yuan. Practice has proved that the development of fishing crab cage production can effectively promote the offshore fishery saving (energy savings than similar trawler 50%), value-added and income, improve fishermen’s living standards. But also conducive to harm the fishery resources of small fishing boats ink mode and take full advantage of crab resources. This operation is relatively close to reducing the fishing effort and fishing of fish resources in the rational use and protection of coastal fishery resources has a positive meaning, and make up the ecological imbalance to some extent.

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