Crab catch new method

Crab refers to more than 2 grams per crab, crab farming is an important source of seed. But Ponds of crab how to capture a majority of farmers always plague problem. There are two traditional methods of capture:

First, take the hand-dug caves crab catch methods. However, this method tends to cause crab appendage loss or other damage, to the detriment of future crab farming.

Second, the use of artificial means to make the formation of micro-water ponds to stimulate crab catch activities. But this method is too slow to capture; in a pool of water required for the formation of micro high cost; and the harvesting rate is very low.

For the convenience of the majority of farmers operate in practice, and I introduce a simple and effective method of capturing as follows:

With bamboo (or other non-perishable shoots) tied into bundles, each bundle diameter of 50-60 cm, but a number of tie was loose, so the gap between bamboo crab for free access to appropriate, then attach it with plastic rope live at the other end of the tether of a piece of foam (slightly larger than the length of the rope to water depth). The then Department of bamboo tied heavy objects on the pond (tank that put the number of bamboo bundles can be set according to the actual situation), so sink into the bottom bamboo bundles, natural foam floating in the pool water, so has the crab burrowing characteristics , crab and drill which will be a gap between bamboo as a cave. When you need to capture, just grab one end of the bubble and then quickly tied the bamboo out of the water release a larger container, then gently shake bamboo bundles, so that containers can fall crab. Thus, when the first catch in the pond, each bundle can be caught around 40. And then repeated several times to catch crab in the pool may be the best basic catch.

Using this method to capture the crab healthy without injury; used to capture low cost; and more every capture of the number and speed; facilitate the crab ponds were divided into batches of crab breeding or sold to other farmers as seedlings a variety of sources.

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