Bao fishing nets Technical Overview

Bao nets belong to a monolithic type anchor Net. In recent years, Liaoning, Shandong coastal fishermen to switch part of the fishing gear, the main catch Talon shrimp, croaker and other small fish called high fishing efficiency. A 29.4 ~ 58.8kw fishing boat, crew of 6 to 7 people, with net 30, in spring and autumn work four to five months, the annual income of 30 to 40 million, now fishing nets structure and techniques are described below:

First, the nets structure

1, netting principal dimensions: 68m × 3m

⑴ master netting: length 4000 mesh, high 400 mesh, mesh large 25mm, single knot, Polyethylene 1 × 3 shares the right twist, woven or hand-woven, Zongmu use.

⑵ the upper edge of the network: Long 4003 mesh, high 15 mesh, mesh large 30mm, with Polyethylene 2 × 3,3 × 3 and 9 × 3 shares right lay three kinds of network cable 5 orders of various high, single knot. ⑶ lower edge of the network: Long 4003 mesh, high 21 mesh, mesh large 30mm, with Polyethylene 2 × 3,3 × 3,9 × 3 shares right lay lines of the three kinds of network nodes 7 Head high, single knot. ⑷ side edge network: the network side edges of each mesh width of 1.5, high 400 mesh, mesh large 25mm, with Polyethylene 3 × 3 shares right lay cable, single knot.

2. Gang Cable

⑴ the edge network: Polyethylene rope diameter 11mm, triple twist left, long 70m, of which part ligation netting long 68m.

⑵ floating line: Polyethylene rope diameter of 11mm, triple twist left, long 70m.

⑶ lower edge of the network: Polyethylene rope diameter of 12mm, triple twist left, long 70m, netting part ligation long 68m.

⑷ sinker Gang: Polyethylene rope diameter of 12mm, triple-lay, long 70m.

⑸ side Gang: Polyethylene rope diameter of 11mm, triple-lay, long 3.2m, 2 bars.

⑹ bridle: Polyethylene rope diameter of 18mm, triple-lay, long 60m, 2 bar respectively fold use.

⑺ float rope: Polyethylene rope diameter of 18mm, triple-lay, long 100m, 2 per ship.

⑻ mooring: Polyethylene rope diameter 18-22mm, triple-lay, long 35m, the amount of mesh belt plus one.

3, float, sinker and attachments

⑴ Float: Wenzhou production of rigid hollow double nose floats, buoyancy 300g, net amount of 69 per piece.

⑵ sinker: Lead Hollow, weight 250g, the amount of 205 per piece.

⑶ float: rigid hollow ball float, diameter 280mm, buoyancy 10kg, the amount of 10 per boat, buoy rope to the upper ends of the network column.

⑷ Anchor: with horizontal lever dual gear anchor, weighing 42.5 ~ 45kg, marine mesh than the number of stripes for each additional one.

Second, gear assembly
1, the upper and lower edge of the network penetration, respectively, in the lower edge of the mesh, and then were with floating line, sinker Gang (wear sinker) together ligation, hanging ratio 0.68, drifting sub-classes are part ligation netting length 68m, the length of the remaining ends as eye ring with. Sinker pitch 33.3cm, tie a buoy floating line 1m intervals.

2, the two side edges on both sides of gang penetration respectively mesh, net long side Gang 3m, both ends of the connection with the drifting sub-classes.

3, bridle fold use, intermediate tie one ring, for connecting the anchor cable with both ends of the float, eye sinker Gang ends of the ring are connected.

Third, the fishing season fishing

Fishing season points spring flood and autumn floods and summer, namely late March to mid-May and early September to mid-11. The main fishing ground in Isle, Granville smoke fisheries 87,88,80,81,75,68,67,66 zone area, the production of spring flood from south to north, from north to south in the Autumn of production, the annual working time of 4 to 5 months.

Fourth, the fishing method

1, installed net: before nets, drift-like discharge, like the mesh sequentially stacked on the port side deck, sinker Gang front, floating line after the anchor rope tied to the end of the fork steel mesh eye ring (adjacent mesh bridle eye ring with an anchor tied to cable), and the other end is connected with the anchor, the anchor and cable according to mesh in order of priority in the order of the bulwarks on both sides of the bow.

2. nets: Fishing arrive fisheries, select cross flow slower flow and leveling wind nets, the captain steering, other personnel in place, the first of a buoy rope lower end tied to the network column of the first side of the anchor tooth, buoy rope upper tied with five float, anchor cable attached to mesh the head end of the bridle, after work and ready, the captain ordered the nets, the first end of the anchor and buoy rope thrown in the sea, then put the net, one person put sinker Gang, a man put a floating line, a person Look put netting, one anchor, while the remainder work as an auxiliary, are located between a fixed anchor mesh. Network end of the bar, the anchor tooth is also tied a rope into the sea buoy, ending nets, fishing boats anchor guard station.

3, from the network: at high tide or low tide flow rate is slow (ie advection ago) began hauling, Captain steering, wind or greet stream. Selection vehicle stability twist on the buoy rope and end anchor, and then one person from net income twist sinker Gang, a person close, a person to pull the floating line, more than one income netting and take down catch, etc., netting is still piled on the port side of the deck , fish placed on the starboard deck, then fish packing Rucang classification. Net income after row all boats should immediately transfer network in place or net farm again. Fishing condition and change according to the tides, nets within a day 2-4 times. Work day and night to close the port of unloading a cargo of fish once.

V. Conclusion

Bao is one of the nets set net fishing gear, nets with a simple structure, convenient operation, flexible transfer of fishing, nets easily lost, low production cost and efficiency advantages. Since this principle is pocket fishing nets shrimp fishing, hauling once every stream, close to Hong Kong once a day, so good fresh fish, by the market, for the current society, people’s consumer awareness. The disadvantage is that each stream must be placed, hauling a large labor intensity. According to the current institutional forms characteristic of fisheries resources and fishing, the nets can amount to put into production, adjusted operating structure to open up new ways for the 29.4 ~ 58.8kw fishing nets but not too much, in order to achieve rational use of fishery resources.

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