Crab catch new method

Crab refers to more than 2 grams per crab, crab farming is an important source of seed. But Ponds of crab how to capture a majority of farmers always plague problem. There are two traditional methods of capture:

First, take the hand-dug caves crab catch methods. However, this method tends to cause crab appendage loss or other damage, to the detriment of future crab farming.

Second, the use of artificial means to make the formation of micro-water ponds to stimulate crab catch activities. But this method is too slow to capture; in a pool of water required for the formation of micro high cost; and the harvesting rate is very low.

For the convenience of the majority of farmers operate in practice, and I introduce a simple and effective method of capturing as follows:

With bamboo (or other non-perishable shoots) tied into bundles, each bundle diameter of 50-60 cm, but a number of tie was loose, so the gap between bamboo crab for free access to appropriate, then attach it with plastic rope live at the other end of the tether of a piece of foam (slightly larger than the length of the rope to water depth). The then Department of bamboo tied heavy objects on the pond (tank that put the number of bamboo bundles can be set according to the actual situation), so sink into the bottom bamboo bundles, natural foam floating in the pool water, so has the crab burrowing characteristics , crab and drill which will be a gap between bamboo as a cave. When you need to capture, just grab one end of the bubble and then quickly tied the bamboo out of the water release a larger container, then gently shake bamboo bundles, so that containers can fall crab. Thus, when the first catch in the pond, each bundle can be caught around 40. And then repeated several times to catch crab in the pool may be the best basic catch.

Using this method to capture the crab healthy without injury; used to capture low cost; and more every capture of the number and speed; facilitate the crab ponds were divided into batches of crab breeding or sold to other farmers as seedlings a variety of sources.

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Crab Pot Fishing Technology

 Crab Pot is a low power, less labor, catch the high price does not damage the ecological environment of fishing gear and methods, it is not tonnage, power restrictions, all kinds of fishing crab cage are available as a main or side engage in fishing production, Because of its main crab class, catch selectivity, in favor of offshore fishery resources, structural adjustment and the rational use of population, development and the protection of fish resources and fishing crab cage because of less investment, quick, effective, simple fishing operation easy to learn, and loved by the masses. Now the Crab Pot fishing techniques are summarized below:

First, cages specifications

1. Crab cage frame: cages of steel frame cage, cylindrical, diameter 60cm, height 24cm. Iron circles two by two 12mm diameter round bar bent, then at the welding firm, then cut into round 8mm diameter 6 length of 24cm and two 61cm round of short length. The two round 61cm in diameter are welded positions of the two circles, as a cross-dyed; the six round 24.5cm set by two welded evenly between the two circles, as the column.

2. Crab cage housing network: with mesh 3cm, length 100 mesh, mesh width 34 a purpose, wide-brimmed sewn into a tubular shape around. The string on one end of the cylinder and closed strings mesh cage, and then sets out the cage frame, catchy tube network also collapsed string to string. On the tube network, to be placed under the collapsed mouth on the beam at the center of the lower mold, the bottom rope Shoulong and beams should fasten the top rope for the active Shoulong, feel free to release the bait placed according to need, pour catches and finishing fishing gear.

3. The funnel-shaped entrance: a circular crab cage with three funnel entrance into the cage crab channel, which is characterized not only into the mouth crab. Its assembly directly affects fishing results. Crab cage side six sash in every cell in two columns in the middle transverse cut 16 mesh netting to install funnel entrance, with three 2.5cm long mesh 50 mesh, mesh width 14.5 purpose, The patchwork of each mesh broadside into an oval track imports, end Chengbian oval, the one end of each tube network were cut around the seam on the frame, the time around the seam to note: from the upper and lower side The second entry from the wound, both sides will have to close the net around the seam upright. 50 mesh tube, the top and bottom of each around 15 projects, 10 projects around the left and right side of each. The repacked tube network to cage it would upset a large mouth, small mouth in three funnel entrance, netting a certain flexibility, lateral cut the netting lining the outer funnel installed, make tube network in the end collapsed into the oblate natural port, the entrance is wider, more inside the narrow, crab bait to lure in easily into the cage to escape difficult.

4. Gang Cable:

(1) Route: pe42tex / 200 × 3 left twist, length 1020.5m, the number eight.

(2) Extension: pe42tex / 120 × 3 left twist, length 5m, number 400.

(3) Department of cage wire: pe42tex / 120 × 3 left twist, length 1m, number 400.

5. Attachments:

(1) Buoy: a hard plastic or foam into pieces, and then tie a knot in the flags of bamboo, generally eight.

(2) Shen stone: rock, heavy 4kg-6kg, generally eight.

Second, the gear assembly

1. The Department of knots tied to a cage cage rim, the middle branch of the connection end and the other end connected to the branch lines, spacing 20m.

2. Each branch knot a cage, that each main junction 50 cages. In the trunk knot at each end a buoy and a heavy stone, constitute a group cages. Each operating unit is generally 8 group cages, trunk 8164m, the total number of 400 cages.

Third, the food choice

For cage trapping operations, the food will have a direct impact on their catch results. According to the feeding habits of the crab bait to smell large, fleshy hard, good gloss, with fresh fish better. After testing, the rudder bonito led abalone second. The main reason is the smell of crab eating large, good gloss organism, and rudder bonito and other salt products smell great, and can maintain greater dissemination of time, easily lured into the cage crab. Each rudder bonito cut into sections, a little salt, after 1-2 hours fleshy hard as well, on the cage rate.

Fourth, Fishing

Wooden boat, engine power is 18kw-35kw (24hp-48hp), truck 10t-15t, boat manpower 3-4 people, equipped with a special 4.4kw (6hp) diesel engine driven cutter Gang machine.

Five fishing method

Fishing boats arrived fisheries, in cross-flow mode put cage fishing, the order is the first buoy, buoy rope, heavy stone, trunk, branch, cage, trunk, branch, cage, so the cycle repeated, discharged 50 cages, and then put heavy stone, buoy ropes, buoys, and so forth, all 8 groups put cages, 1-2 hours after the first group to impose a way of receiving while the line picked up the buoy, twisted rope from the buoy, heavy stone, trunk , branch, cage, pour catch after catch to a second set of charges, until closing completely portion cage catch.

Sixth, the Crab Pot job benefits

Crab Pot fishing boats use technology to obtain a significant yield added value, such as electric white No. 31050 1999 35 kilowatts application crab cage fishing operations, production 9.5t, output value of 40,000 yuan, respectively, compared with a gill net fishing crab fishing vessels increased 47.1% and 55.81%, according to statistics, the average annual fishing boats use the technology to increase crab production 2.2t, increasing the value of 210 million yuan, a Shuili more than 11,000 yuan. Practice has proved that the development of fishing crab cage production can effectively promote the offshore fishery saving (energy savings than similar trawler 50%), value-added and income, improve fishermen’s living standards. But also conducive to harm the fishery resources of small fishing boats ink mode and take full advantage of crab resources. This operation is relatively close to reducing the fishing effort and fishing of fish resources in the rational use and protection of coastal fishery resources has a positive meaning, and make up the ecological imbalance to some extent.

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Mullet fishing techniques

Mullet, also known as blackfish, raw fish, snakehead fish, only fish, is Perciformes, snakehead. In China, the snakehead fish two genera: genus Channa Channa spp. There are seven kinds argus (and Heilongjiang subspecies), maculata, armor snakehead, Channa eye, point snakehead, Channa, Channa and other patterns within the genus Channa; Channa Channa only one genus. As the object is currently farmed argus and Channa maculata.

Mullet benthic fish, usually live in the bottom, then drill into the mud after being frightened hide, therefore extremely difficult to capture. However, in natural waters during the spawning mullet, because there broodstock Abuse habit, this time to capture more convenient. Just handheld harpoon fish in the vicinity of the nest and wait patiently to be found quickly broodstock will fork inserted under their capture. Or in the general good coat hook fishing rod fish, shrimp, or frog bait fish nest fed from the upper water, protect the nest this time broodstock mistaken predators approaching, will rise up to attack, swallow the bait hit the bait.

Catch mullet in ponds, in addition to using pull-net fishing, but also according to their hi flow characteristics, the method of capture water impact. That pumps water from the water level drops below ponds ditches within the pond pumping into the ponds to mention, in the vicinity of the pump outlet to open a canal to let the water back into place. When the water is pumped into ponds, mullet will continue to swim to the water pump near the outlet, and then will travel down the water flow automatically into the drains. Set network at one end of the canal, you can catch mullet. But need to capture all the mullet ponds within ponds should be drained, try to catch silt, weeds in the mullet. Pond weeds and caves, also live at the mullet, do not miss the capture. If harvesting time since late winter, mullet often dormant in the mud, do not easily catch, until the next spring temperatures can reach 15-20 ℃, renewed fishing is appropriate. However, when fish pond, the pool should never again leave mullet, mullet avoid direct harm to individual large seed served.

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Mantis shrimp gillnet fishing techniques

In recent years, the traditional large marine fish and shrimp resources have been seriously damaged due and failure, fish and shrimp resources are relatively small rise. Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea coastal resources of small fish and shrimp species, especially among very rich reserves mantis shrimp, if mantis shrimp trawl conduct production, will damage the young fish. Now mantis shrimp gillnet fishing techniques are described below.

First, the nets structure

Principal dimensions: 75.6 × 7.18 m

(A), netting

1, the main netting: Nylon 6 monofilament, 0.25 mm, 30 mm mesh large, double knot, Zongmu use, each piece netting long 4000 mesh, 290 mesh high.

2, the margin of netting: the upper edge network using twisted Polyethylene 36 special 2 × 3, the mesh is 60 mm, double knot, length 2000 mesh, mesh high 4; the lower edge of the network using twisted Polyethylene special 3 × 3 of 36 line, mesh large 60 mm, double knot, long 2000 mesh, high 5 orders.

(II) The cable stays

1, the floating line: Polyethylene rope, specifications for the 36 special 60 × 3, s, z twist each one, each 76.1 meters long, part ligation netting 75.6 meters long.

2, sinker Gang: Polyethylene rope, specifications for the 36 special 120 × 3, s, z twist each one, each 76.1 meters long, 75.6 meters long ligation netting section.

3, the buoy rope: Polyethylene rope, specifications for 36 special 210 × 3, 30 meters long, 15-25 pieces per boat.

4, the side Gang: Polyethylene rope, specifications for 36 special 120 × 3, s twist, 7.72 meters long, 7.18 meters tie network part, 2.

5, bridle: Polyethylene rope, specifications for the 36 special 180 × 3, z twist, 22 meters long (10.7 meters long on the bridle, the bridle under 11.3 m long, 2.

6, anchor Gang: Polyethylene rope, s twist, specifications for the 36 special 360 × 3, 25 meters long, 16-26 pieces per boat.

(C) float, sinker and other

1. Float: hard plastic float ball, diameter 80 mm, each 52-55 grams dry weight, buoyancy 150 grams per piece net 76.

2, sinker: intermediate ceramic, ellipsoid, the long axis of a hole, the dry weight of 125 grams each, each network 180.

3, buoy: aquaculture spherical plastic float, 15-25.

Second, gear assembly

1, the float, sinker penetrate a float, the sinker Gang, another float, the inner edge of the mesh network edge sinker steel penetration, then two float, sinker Gang tie knot together, every 26.5 cm a tie, each 7 orders, bar 285, left 5 orders were placed at both ends (at each end of the outer 2.5 mesh). Hanging ratio of 0.63. Float spacing 1.008 m, 0.422 m spacing sinker.

2, will float, sinker Gang outer end portion extending netting made eye ring and bridle connection.

3, the two sides were wearing gang clothing side edges within a mesh network, connecting floating line, sinker Gang lower connection.

4, mesh fork rope linked in sequence, with the anchor rope connected nodes. Each anchor weight of about 20 kg.

Third, Fishing

135 hp mantis shrimp fishing can be carried out gillnet operations, crew 4-8, with net at 15-25.

Fourth, the fishing method

1, put the net:

At high tide, the outermost end of the first network anchor thrown, boats cross flow micro-speed forward, along the flow of nets, top flow cast anchor, anchor pitch ratio gear reduction and bridle knot length and short length of about 10 meters.

2, from the network:

Advection from the net before the turn out from the shore. When hauling, general ship overhead stream, hull and net column vertical, one person operating the boat, a man with a hauling machine twist buoy ropes and sinker Gang, one or more pull floating line and netting, while pulling the network side pick mantis shrimp . Up flow work is good, down stream of bad jobs.

Fifth, the fishing season

Fishing season in late March to mid-May, mid-September to early November, Wang Xun each period in a month or so, the highest net yield over 1000 kg, generally net yield 750 kg.

VI Conclusion

Mantis shrimp gillnet fixed by the anchors, fishing inshore, simple operation, energy saving, high efficiency, can be used concurrently, crop rotation tool with a wide range of value promotion.

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Bao fishing nets Technical Overview

Bao nets belong to a monolithic type anchor Net. In recent years, Liaoning, Shandong coastal fishermen to switch part of the fishing gear, the main catch Talon shrimp, croaker and other small fish called high fishing efficiency. A 29.4 ~ 58.8kw fishing boat, crew of 6 to 7 people, with net 30, in spring and autumn work four to five months, the annual income of 30 to 40 million, now fishing nets structure and techniques are described below:

First, the nets structure

1, netting principal dimensions: 68m × 3m

⑴ master netting: length 4000 mesh, high 400 mesh, mesh large 25mm, single knot, Polyethylene 1 × 3 shares the right twist, woven or hand-woven, Zongmu use.

⑵ the upper edge of the network: Long 4003 mesh, high 15 mesh, mesh large 30mm, with Polyethylene 2 × 3,3 × 3 and 9 × 3 shares right lay three kinds of network cable 5 orders of various high, single knot. ⑶ lower edge of the network: Long 4003 mesh, high 21 mesh, mesh large 30mm, with Polyethylene 2 × 3,3 × 3,9 × 3 shares right lay lines of the three kinds of network nodes 7 Head high, single knot. ⑷ side edge network: the network side edges of each mesh width of 1.5, high 400 mesh, mesh large 25mm, with Polyethylene 3 × 3 shares right lay cable, single knot.

2. Gang Cable

⑴ the edge network: Polyethylene rope diameter 11mm, triple twist left, long 70m, of which part ligation netting long 68m.

⑵ floating line: Polyethylene rope diameter of 11mm, triple twist left, long 70m.

⑶ lower edge of the network: Polyethylene rope diameter of 12mm, triple twist left, long 70m, netting part ligation long 68m.

⑷ sinker Gang: Polyethylene rope diameter of 12mm, triple-lay, long 70m.

⑸ side Gang: Polyethylene rope diameter of 11mm, triple-lay, long 3.2m, 2 bars.

⑹ bridle: Polyethylene rope diameter of 18mm, triple-lay, long 60m, 2 bar respectively fold use.

⑺ float rope: Polyethylene rope diameter of 18mm, triple-lay, long 100m, 2 per ship.

⑻ mooring: Polyethylene rope diameter 18-22mm, triple-lay, long 35m, the amount of mesh belt plus one.

3, float, sinker and attachments

⑴ Float: Wenzhou production of rigid hollow double nose floats, buoyancy 300g, net amount of 69 per piece.

⑵ sinker: Lead Hollow, weight 250g, the amount of 205 per piece.

⑶ float: rigid hollow ball float, diameter 280mm, buoyancy 10kg, the amount of 10 per boat, buoy rope to the upper ends of the network column.

⑷ Anchor: with horizontal lever dual gear anchor, weighing 42.5 ~ 45kg, marine mesh than the number of stripes for each additional one.

Second, gear assembly
1, the upper and lower edge of the network penetration, respectively, in the lower edge of the mesh, and then were with floating line, sinker Gang (wear sinker) together ligation, hanging ratio 0.68, drifting sub-classes are part ligation netting length 68m, the length of the remaining ends as eye ring with. Sinker pitch 33.3cm, tie a buoy floating line 1m intervals.

2, the two side edges on both sides of gang penetration respectively mesh, net long side Gang 3m, both ends of the connection with the drifting sub-classes.

3, bridle fold use, intermediate tie one ring, for connecting the anchor cable with both ends of the float, eye sinker Gang ends of the ring are connected.

Third, the fishing season fishing

Fishing season points spring flood and autumn floods and summer, namely late March to mid-May and early September to mid-11. The main fishing ground in Isle, Granville smoke fisheries 87,88,80,81,75,68,67,66 zone area, the production of spring flood from south to north, from north to south in the Autumn of production, the annual working time of 4 to 5 months.

Fourth, the fishing method

1, installed net: before nets, drift-like discharge, like the mesh sequentially stacked on the port side deck, sinker Gang front, floating line after the anchor rope tied to the end of the fork steel mesh eye ring (adjacent mesh bridle eye ring with an anchor tied to cable), and the other end is connected with the anchor, the anchor and cable according to mesh in order of priority in the order of the bulwarks on both sides of the bow.

2. nets: Fishing arrive fisheries, select cross flow slower flow and leveling wind nets, the captain steering, other personnel in place, the first of a buoy rope lower end tied to the network column of the first side of the anchor tooth, buoy rope upper tied with five float, anchor cable attached to mesh the head end of the bridle, after work and ready, the captain ordered the nets, the first end of the anchor and buoy rope thrown in the sea, then put the net, one person put sinker Gang, a man put a floating line, a person Look put netting, one anchor, while the remainder work as an auxiliary, are located between a fixed anchor mesh. Network end of the bar, the anchor tooth is also tied a rope into the sea buoy, ending nets, fishing boats anchor guard station.

3, from the network: at high tide or low tide flow rate is slow (ie advection ago) began hauling, Captain steering, wind or greet stream. Selection vehicle stability twist on the buoy rope and end anchor, and then one person from net income twist sinker Gang, a person close, a person to pull the floating line, more than one income netting and take down catch, etc., netting is still piled on the port side of the deck , fish placed on the starboard deck, then fish packing Rucang classification. Net income after row all boats should immediately transfer network in place or net farm again. Fishing condition and change according to the tides, nets within a day 2-4 times. Work day and night to close the port of unloading a cargo of fish once.

V. Conclusion

Bao is one of the nets set net fishing gear, nets with a simple structure, convenient operation, flexible transfer of fishing, nets easily lost, low production cost and efficiency advantages. Since this principle is pocket fishing nets shrimp fishing, hauling once every stream, close to Hong Kong once a day, so good fresh fish, by the market, for the current society, people’s consumer awareness. The disadvantage is that each stream must be placed, hauling a large labor intensity. According to the current institutional forms characteristic of fisheries resources and fishing, the nets can amount to put into production, adjusted operating structure to open up new ways for the 29.4 ~ 58.8kw fishing nets but not too much, in order to achieve rational use of fishery resources.

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How natural sea fishing catch grouper?

Every year in April begin until September (Towers before) put a grouper fish fishing flood, China’s eastern, south coast fisherman boat will carry out its fishing operations, especially from May to July. Fishermen are “beginning of summer catfish * rock full of fish,” he said.

Fishing nets tools custom wholesale

Grouper fishing tackle and fishing sub-single door two double doors. Early flood, grouper usually in deep water activities, fishing with single door. Flood in the late double door catch. To choose the slow flowing water, wind light and calm, with rocks broken white spray disc areas or small currents swirl to fresh food, such as loach, small anchovy, Palaemon (two eyes complete) as bait. Loach as bait, use sharp hooks to penetrate the fish mouth; with anchovies for bait, hooks sharp fish should be hooked into the left side of the handle on the right to wear clothing. And live shrimp from the shrimp should penetrate the tail and belly piercing, show two eyes Chak, favorable trapping. In starting the hook, the fish should be especially careful when you pick prevent Liezui, broken brain damage, esophagus and gallbladder. Damage by fish, light a few days, it will die within a few hours severe. Fish on the hook flowing water into the cabin holding, to be a certain amount of fortune back to centralized breeding cages.

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Anchored stow net fishing Introduction

Anchored stow net fishing net in fisheries. Jobs With fixed anchor or anchor Net. The main catch fish, small fish amaranth, pomfret, shrimp and small fish, coastal and estuarine outside Oe are distributed. There are single and double anchor anchor two fixed mode, single anchor net in China began in the 1920s, the earliest coastal Zhejiang. Since the 1950s, the coastal province of Zhejiang, Liaoning and Jiangsu, etc. have been developed.

Conical nets was square, and some have a network port frame or truss rod means bars, some no such device. Such as Zhejiang single anchor truss rod that cast anchor Net net, with truss rods and Shi Chen expansion network port, netting and mesh bag by nets composition. Network port mesh length 33 mm, mesh bag mesh 8 mm length, 78.54 meters perimeter network interface straightened, the total length of 17.79 meters windbreaker with Polyethylene cable knitting, network port installed Gang 28.96 meters in length, catchy Gang Fetter at both ends of the truss rod, under the port attached to both ends Shi Chen Gang, net mouth corners bridle via swivel anchor Gang. Single anchor truss rod structure is shown net in Ankang net fishing. No bars or spar frame network device with a single and double anchor anchor two fixation methods. See former Tide sails net fishing, which see large Pu net fishing.

Each set nets 20 fishing boats, will be placed on the starboard deck truss rod, placed on the bow deck wooden anchor, rope nets and placed in the middle of the deck Gang. Fishing boats arrived, so bow top stream, the wood thrown from the port anchor, anchor release Gang (1.5-2 times the length of fishing water depth), the bridle ring and anchor Gang transit connect, and network with other genera a connection, then turn nets into the water. Note that day will put too disembarkation nets farther, to prevent nets being pressed into the bottom trend. From the network when first picked up the buoy rope to pull to the truss rod, pull access port, the solution to the bridle, and then pull the Internet itself and spared bag, chip in taking fish. Finally from the anchor, ready for the next release net. Usually work during the day, the day, put the net twice.

This work, shift fishing more convenient, wide operating range, better than with piles of fishing net in a given set of results can be replaced. But codend mesh is too small, juvenile fish, big damage to the economy, has to be limited.

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Fishing and Fisheries Technology Introduction

The use of fishing nets, hunting equipment, cages and other fishing gear, catch aquatic production operations in the waters, called fishing. According to the different fishing waters can be divided into marine and freshwater fishing (inland waters) fishing categories. Ocean fishing, fishing waters according to distance from the base, can be divided into coastal, inshore and offshore and deep sea fishing three. Coastal, inshore and offshore fishing port is the country as a base, but the former can always return to base or once every few days, which is usually in the 15-30 day return to base once. Offshore production to foreign fishing port as a base or in the form of fishing fleets organization of production, large-scale. Freshwater fishing, mainly in inland lakes, rivers, fishing waters, fish and aquatic environment to adapt to the characteristics of a wide range of fishing tackle, small production scale.

Single boat trawling

Towing a fishing boat with a top (or top) trawl gear to achieve a form of trawling fishing purposes. With stencils or truss that the net open saliva. According since nets operating mode can be divided into Stern Trawler Trawler already and side two, the former is carried out from the aft deck, put the network operation is the main operation in the form of the modern development of offshore fishing. Trawler side, since it leaked from one side of the boat are carried out, the main form of large single boat trawling before the sixties, has been replaced by Stern Trawler. Single Gang trolling boats trawling are all made of rope, each the length of a certain percentage of operating water depth, bottom trawling when pure water depth less than 20 meters, and its length is 10 times the water depth or greater. Less than 100 meters depth, its length is about 3-4 times the water depth. Operating depth of the greater length of the drag multiple smaller classes, because the single boat trawling must use two heavy stencil, drag multiple classes depth than double the length of the small boat trawling operations.

Double boat trawling

Two fishing boats in the water with a top towing trawl nets to achieve a form of fishing purposes, the job, the two boats separated by a distance (typically 300-500 m), parallel drag nets. Each gang is coupled by a wire drag and pinch brown Gang made strong, because there is no net weight plates, each operating depth trolling Gang length 7-10 times (trawlers drag Gang multiples larger than a single ship), and therefore, the double boat trawling deeper waters unsuitable. Generally in the 100-200 meters, flat-shaped bottom waters without obstacles jobs.

Seine fishing

Use the fence to surround natural clusters, or in some fish trap means to reach a fishing method fishing production purposes. By job form is divided into three categories: (1) single-seine fishing vessels; (2) pairs of purse seine fishing vessels; (3) multi-seine fishing boat.

Single-seine fishing boats are the main form of modern purse seine fishery, with a network of vessels (some with boats) fish nets surrounded by small fishing environmental conditions, wide sea operations, require network speed sailing boat fast. Double seine fishing vessels (known for Ding network), with two boats at the same time put a fence to reach the purpose of rounding up fish production by larger fishing marine environmental conditions for offshore operations. Multi-seine fishing boat, its starting place net operating methods and a single boat seine fishing is basically the same, except a few who need to work with the auxiliary boat. Light-induced seine fishery belonging to such forms.

Fifty years ago, my purse seine fishing is limited to shallow areas along the coast, fishing natural fish in the water clusters. Since the sixties, and gradually turn lights lure purse seines. Seventies gradually expanded to deepwater offshore fishing grounds, expanding the variety of fishing.

Lights around the fishing lure

Is a mode of operation and more boat seine fishing. Use of marine fish phototaxis habits at night with light fish traps to ambient light, surrounded with a fence to reach the fishing purposes. Is set in the form of a job by a few boats boats composed. Wheel light trap fence group, generally by a net boat, only 2-3 lightship (sometimes with only 1-2 tankers) consisting of a job group. Ship to be equipped with a full range of network fishfinder, communications equipment, lightship to be equipped with adequate light intensity and communication, fishfinder equipment. Lighting for 8-10 kW white lights. The main trapping mackerel, Can, sardines and other fish phototaxis. Mostly single purse seine vessels form, you can also double purse seine vessels. Is our new modern purse seine fisheries.

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Joint reservoir fish harvesting techniques

Now more and more contracting reservoir fish, but many farmers on a large area, deep-water fish harvesting techniques mastered enough, catch rate, then it will affect the earnings, but also affect production next year. How can we improve the harvesting rate it?

First, fishing gear selection

Reservoir fishing should select the following fishing gear

1. trammel nets layer of small mesh netting by two large mesh netting intermediate composition clip, mesh length of 50 meters, its total length is three times the reservoir at its widest point. Height of 10 meters to 15 meters is better, there are two kinds of floating nets and net sink. The network operation is flexible and convenient, without the reservoir bottom topography and water depth restrictions can be placed according to fish activity patterns nets until fish access to the net to take fish.

2. The block is used to intercept the fish and closed waters, it is a long belt-shaped mesh, each length 40 m – 50 m, the total length of the reservoir at its widest point two times the height to the library at the end prevail.

3. Set Net network by the end wall network, character mesh, mesh lid suture composed mainly used to hold the catch, is the bait, sounds and other distractions methods to lure the fish online tool, based on the size of the net in the reservoir size, water depth and fish production, are generally 10 meters high, 10 meters wide and 20 meters long and 40 meters to 60 meters wide and 50 cm in the mouth.

Second, the harvesting techniques

Because reservoir sizes, complex topography, different shades, to obtain the best fishing results, not just the choice of a fishing gear, fishing gear must be taken while using a variety of “catch, intercept, stab, Zhang” joint fishing method. “Catch” is to use trammel nets to catch or hang with the machine boat trailer whiteboard or electric driven, frightened and driven by the introduction of the fish fishing area. Order to catch fish from the inside out, from shallow water to deep water, floating gill nets and sink gillnets used interchangeably, in turn driving directions to advance. Nets have a horizontal, vertical, perpendicular to the net and Reservoir, every 20 meters to 100 meters from the parallel nets, transection of the water, a morning or an afternoon to catch one or two, whenever gillnet all done and about to block go down, to separate the area and did not rush off to catch fish in the area. “Bar” is stopped by blocking the fish in the fishing area. Continue to drive forward with gill nets, blocking also continue to move forward in the fishing area, outside the display of double or single gill net, capturing not rush into the net in the fish. “Chang” is the net in advance to set-in from the fishing area, the Internet and other fish, usually in the evening under the net, the next morning the net.

Wlecome to fishing nets online shop: Running Water Fishing Factory

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Hairtail long line fishing introduction

Hairtail longline fishing a longline fishery, fishing boats and dedicated with longline fishing practices catch octopus, Guangdong Leizhou Peninsula south from east, north to the Liaodong Peninsula coast are distributed to the south coast of Zhejiang and Fujian are particularly concentrated, with a single boat two jobs and mothership type operations.

Single vessel fishing operations for 7-10 ton truck, the host power 8,82-14.7 kW, 1.5-ton truck with a sampan, 6-8 workers, mothership mothership type operations 40-60 dWT, the host power 44.1-110.25 kilowatts, 6-8 knots, operating side there Haulers and cut bait station, with only 5-7 sampan, workers 31-42 people.

Fishing from the trunk, feeder lines, hooks, floats, sinker and buoys and other components. Each trunk gear for a basket. Used throughout the specification is different, each trunk used Yuhuan County 198 m long, 0.45 mm in diameter by four nylon monofilament down into: tying 60 branch having a length of 1.8 m, by two 0.45 mm diameter nylon monofilament twist into its terminus a long 360 mm diameter stainless steel wire line hook line of 0.30 mm. Each trunk Fujian Huian 456 meters long used for nylon wire diameter of 1 mm. Tying 126 Extension, which is 1.95 meters long, with a diameter of 0.80 mm nylon line, the end of the connection length 300 mm, 0.30 mm diameter stainless steel wire line hook line. Zhejiang and Fujian to use barbless hooks, and Liaoning, Shandong and Guangdong to use barbed hooks. Hook wire with a diameter of 1.24 mm made of 35-60 mm long shank hook, hook tip height 14-20 mm, 12-20 mm wide hook, tin or zinc rust.
Work can be divided into floating longlines, bottom longline and set-longline three ways:

1) floating longlines. Jigging for feeding migratory fish, is the main job;
2) bottom longlines. The main fishing catch spawning habitat in the bottom of the octopus.
3) set-longline. When fishing is restricted to use environment, usually in less than six wind weather operations, bait in the spring is generally used loach, shark or eel based. Winter with octopus or other fish. When using eels, sharks, etc. for food, and then remove its spine oblique slices. With other fish, the fish directly cut into diagonal slices. Need jail bait hung on hooks. Baited method is to bait the hook from the side of the slice of piercing, so that the hook point from the other side is exposed. Sea conditions and the fish should be based on the decision to put the water layer fishing. General use of wind, bias or horizontal hook exile, after each release several fishing basket, put a buoy, said the tackle position surfaced. Full release after the tackle, fishing boats return to start playback at Haulers. Haulers process, while finishing the line, while the removal of the catch and bait fill the vacancy.

Fisheries wider distribution of the job, the clear water quality, operating water depth of up to 50-90 meters, Zhejiang and Fujian coastal fisheries best. Available year-round jobs to July to next January as the main flood season. The main fishing catch spawning and feeding migratory fish, the fishing gear, simple structure, low cost, and can catch octopus catch each fish into the water layer without damaging the young octopus.

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